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Challenges in bilingual families no one tells you about

By Nicole Brown I am a mother to a ten-year-old bilingual and a university lecturer and therefore interested in bilingualism professionally and privately. When my husband and I decided to bring up our child bilingually we delved into a range of guidebooks to make sure we were not going to make mistakes. But when I […]

First Reader Schlafly

Teaching to read and write in English

If you are an English speaker living abroad, in a non-English speaking country, you may well have to be the one to teach your children how to read and write in English. Don’t panic! It´s not as difficult as they would have us believe. You don´t have to be living abroad either, maybe you want […]

Learning in a British school and the foreign perspective

It is quite normal for everybody, all over the world, to complain about their national school system, it’s either useless, teachers are inept, there is too much homework, or too little, not enough practical activities or too many, and the list goes on. It seems that there is no one single system that we can […]

5 activities to support foreign or second language acquisition

The secret of learning a language is that there is no “secret”, basically a language is a tool for communication, and the best way to learn it and practice it is communicating. However, this can be difficult on a day to day basis, especially if both parents and children are busy with work, school, after […]

Tips For Parents Who Want To Improve Their Own Language Skills

By Charles Gregory, January 2015 I know there are lots of parents out there who would love to bring their children up bilingually but unfortunately are not themselves bilingual. If that describes you, this post is written for you. It’s a tough spot to be in, bringing your children up to be bilingual is a […]

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The importance of early years bilingualism

This is an issue at the top of the to-do lists of many parents, along with music, sport, school and many other activities that are thought important for children nowadays. The British Council in Madrid, an education centre established to bring English education to those Britons living abroad as well as many local families who […]

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Celebrities speaking other languages

We’re used to US and British-based superstars speaking English. But here are some celebrities who are bilingual, or at least pretty fluent, in other languages. Can you think of any other good ones to add? Here’s Colin Firth being interviewed in italian Mila Kunis’s Russian language interview in Moscow The Fantastic Four’s Ioan Gruffudd speaking […]

Bilingual reviews

Children’s theatre in Spanish

Stories and storytelling are very important for children. Of course, they love cartoons, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love theatre or plain story telling better when presented to it. If you have the chance to travel abroad to the country where the language your kids are learning is spoken, find out about local venues […]

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, the Chinese counterpart of Dora de Explorer

Ni Hao in Mandarin Chinese means hello. I’ve known this ever since I started working for a Taiwanese company many years ago. However, in all my language obsessed mothering years, I’ve never even attempted to teach my children any Chinese, not even as a dinner party joke (look at my cute children, they can dance […]

Review: A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism by Colin Baker 4th Edition

With this new edition, the new classic Colin Baker’s Guide to Bilingualism presents us with answers to the most common questions that parents with bilingual children are faced with. At the same time it introduces new information adapted to the times like bilingualism in the digital age and incorporating the latest research in multilingualism, neonatal […]

Review: Learning to Read and Write in the Multilingual Family by Xiao-lei Wang

Raising bilingual or multilingual children requires dedication and hard work. It also raises an important issue, what to do with Literacy. It is likely that the children in a multilingual family will attend a school or some form of formal education in the country where they are living, where they will be taught to read […]

Review: Salsa, Spanish resources for children

Learning a foreign language in the family is not an activity exclusive to families with one or two bilingual adults. People who don’t speak a language or who speak it to limited proficiency can also make language learning into a fun activity to do with their children. Nowadays we have many resources at our disposal […]

Review: Bilingual Siblings by Suzanne Barron-Hauwaert

When we had our our first child, as many other bilingual families we wondered how she would take to learning two languages. There is a lot of planning and work in raising successful bilingual children, thing are not that simple, as they are many different factors to consider. After the first child come the second, […]

Mama’s view

Learning in a British school and the foreign perspective

It is quite normal for everybody, all over the world, to complain about their national school system, it’s either useless, teachers are inept, there is too much homework, or too little, not enough practical activities or too many, and the list goes on. It seems that there is no one single system that we can […]

Chinese writing

Mum, what is sweet in Chinese? 5 Steps to ease your child into a foreign language

Well, I don’t know, sweety, but we can find out… I never thought that it would really get to that point where they actually “think by themselves” and start showing interest in other languages. Of course, it was going to happen, but when you hold your little bundle of joy for the first time, be […]

Papa’s View

The bilingual siblings on the phone to Spain...

Discoveries after 4 years of raising bilingual children

My eldest daughter, Martha, as just turned four and her sister, Malena, has just turned two. Both children have existed in a multilingual environment from day one. Martha speaks English and Spanish to more of less equal fluency and fully understands French, with a much lesser propensity to use it. Looking back over the last […]

Bilingual research

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How Bilingualism can Benefit your Child’s Brain

  By Santiago Montero, Spanish Tutor DC, January 2015 Many of us who raise bilingual children aren’t thinking of giving our children a cognitive advantage. If we are married to someone from another country, or living in a different country to our birthplace, we might see raising a bilingual child as maintaining an important part […]


Ten amazing facts about bilingualism

Wondering whether it’s worth raising a child bilingually? Here are some amazing facts about the benefits of speaking more than one language. 1. Bilingualism actually grows grey matter! In the recent past, parents and teachers assumed that teaching children to another language at an early an age would delay their language skills and somehow stunt […]

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Lifelong bilingualism keeps you youthful say scientists

New research from the University of Kentucky suggests older people that have been bilingual throughout their life show greater cognitive ability in old age, using less energy when performing cognitive flexibility tasks. Older people who have spoken two languages throughout life can switch from one task to another more quickly, according to the study published […]

Bilingual books

Image of The Bilingual Family: A Handbook for Parents

Image of Raising a Bilingual Child (Living Language Series)