Four Months on…

Little Baby is here already, growing fast and tall. At the moment the only thing she’s worried about is where her next feed is coming from. She doesn’t mind what language we speak to her as long as she gets fed!

She’s already trying to communicate by grunting and grabbing. It’s cute to see how she “talks” to her dollies or her granddad, in her baby language talk that only she understand.

In terms of mummy’s plan of talking to her in two different languages, well this is what we have got up to. We have set a more or less fixed routine so some days we speak only Spanish and some days only French, but when daddy is home we speak English to daddy.

I’m also trying to set up a group of like-minded parents and with good French level who want to speak to their children in French. The group would be something like a support group, so we can meet, organize activities for the children, sing French songs, etc.

There are a couple of people on the group so far, and I need to do some marketing to get the word out.

There are also some language activities around which sound interesting, groups where they teach nursery rhymes in French to kids, or French classes for toddles and little ones. I think these are brilliant in terms of the fun factor, although this shouldn’t be the only activity for immersion. I’ve read somewhere recently that for a kid to really become anything like bilingual, they need to be exposed to the language at least 1/3 of their waking time. So, unfortunately one hour a week of nursery rhymes is hardly going to do the trick. Although, I still believe it’s great in terms of the fun factor for baby and parent, and the social factor as well. Getting out and about and meeting other parents is also important.

So, anyway at the moment we are sticking to our program of one day French one day Spanish. I’m collecting baby books and nursery rhymes in both languages. Our local second hand bookshop has a very good section, and sometimes you can find French and Spanish baby books.

At the moment songs are the most important. As Baby enjoys music and seeing me jumping about and doing funny faces. But the main thing is that nursery rhymes in any language are really aimed to teach babies words and actions, so they’re perfect for learning without studying!

And that’s all for now.

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