MacSpeech Dictate dictation software for Mac

MacSpeech is pretty incredible software.

We’ve been blogging about how children acquire languages but recently my Apple Macintosh has been also starting to understand words of itself, thanks to MacSpeech Dictate.

MacSpeech dictate is current-generation voice recognition software that listens to your voice and prints your words to the screen. This type of technology has been around for ten years or more but in the early days was more of a gimmick – it made so many errors that even a slow typist may as well have entered the text by hand.

MacSpeech dictate is different however and truly credible way to get words into a computer quickly. You need to spell out things like punctuation, which can slow you down, but when talking in general prose this method is as fast as the best touch-typists.

Before you start using the software you pass through a brief training exercise that simply involves reading text on the screen. This is so MacSpeech can calibrate itself to your voice and individual way of speaking. It continues to learn when you start using it and you can add additional vocabulary, which is useful for specific jargon, brand names and the like.

It also has a practical purpose as M likes to sit on my knee when I work on the computer. With one arm wrapped around baby and a knee jiggling for entertainment I clearly can’t type. MacSpeech solves that problem and, with the supplied headset, doesn’t often get thrown even by the occasional yelps and babbles from baby.

This entire blog speech was written using MacSpeech. If you’re a slow typists or don’t always have the luxury of having both hands free, it’s worth checking out.

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