Has Santa visited you with a new iPad?

fairy-lady-13387787If he has, rejoice yourself, the iPad opens the doors of new and great possibilities of language learning. I am not talking about those tiresome and boring “teach yourself a language” easily and without effort in 5 minutes, but thumping the screen with your index finger, but how real games and resources for native speakers can do the trick for your little ones.

First things first, it must be said that apps have to be thoroughly researched before you key in your password for the AppStore. As David said, “when you get one of these devices, you get so excited to see so many cool apps at less than one pound that you end up buying lots, and then realise they’re not very good.” So, be sure to read and research before you give up your hard earned 3 pounds.

Saying that, there are so many nice apps for kiddies that will get them interested that you will happily pay the money if it’s just to get them immersed in the language.

So far, so good, I have found a couple of apps that are fantastic. They are simple, in the sense that they are really just like books but paperless, with the added advantage that you don’t have to read to the child, and if your child can read yet, they don’t have to chase you around the house, they can listen to the story.

In Spanish I found this fantastic app Cuentos para Dormir HD. The app offers one story for free, so you can test it and see if you like it, and then they have quite a few other titles including Rapunzel, The Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Dukling and many others. Each title is only £0.69, and it will offer hours of fun, especially if you have other kids, as they can share! It is also a great idea for people learning Spanish as a foreign language, to support Literacy acquisition and for the non-Spanish speaking parent who may be also learning.

Bientôt, je lis with Marlène Jobert is an app with two stories, one about a bear and one about a chicken. The stories are read out for you and there are also a couple of songs and simple games. Great for those little French speakers.

These are just two examples of all the apps that you can find. You don´t have to pick things designed for “language learning¨but simply things designed for children that they will enjoy.





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