Bright, colourful and musical Spanish language learning

Tren de vocalesLong gone are the days of chalky fingers and monochromatic lessons delivered in a monotone voice heavy with the local accent. Just like the monkey-man in 2001 A Space Odyssey set up a long chain of events when he realised that using rock as a tool was a lot cooler than trying to open a coconut with his teeth, language geeks all over felt the Eureka moment when the first computer entered their homes. 

What I would like to introduce to you today has come a long way from those black and green screens, and thankfully, you don’t have to insert a tape or have a pencil handy to rewind it. If you don´t get this last remark, lucky you, you are still a spring chicken!

Spanish for Babies and Toddlers has launched the first video of what promises to be a long and successful line of language learning resources for the early years, something that the market is sorely missing at the moment.

Their first video introduces the vowel sounds (a, e, i, o u) in Spanish in a fun and

Screen capture of Spanish for Babies and Toddlers.

Screen capture of Spanish for Babies and Toddlers.

entertaining way to young children. Through bright and attractive colours, the vowels made into characters introduce not only their sounds but they use the opportunity as an excuse to introduce language in context, like the A swimming in water (agua), or the E riding on an Elephant.

When one of the authors, José Dominguez, sent me the link to the site to review the product, I must admit I was a bit sceptical. Nowadays technology is so advanced that things that were only possible using quite expensive equipment for a few companies are now accessible to most. So, there are many amateurs churning out language resources. However, Spanish for Babies and Toddlers has created something unique, not only are the graphics amazing and high quality, but when the voice of María Alexandra Scelza with the music by Johnnatan García starts playing you will be completely overwhelmed. It is really something that was missing from the language learning market, an attractive product, with nice graphics, good music, that actually teaches and perfectly matching the needs of the target audience, early years. Something that parents will also happy to see and hear in the background time and time again.

My only regret at the moment is that so far only the vowel video is available. If the other letters turn out to be as interesting and appealing, this will become a classic. This product is not just for monolingual children wanting to learn a foreign language, I would be happy to use it to support language development in bilingual households, as it supports early literacy acquisition. The only other aspect to take into account is that the character-vowels are in CAPITALS, so you may want to make sure that your little one recognises the capital version of the vowel, and not just the lower case one.

Vocales del alfabetoAll in all an attractive resource that can be used in monolingual households to learn Spanish as a foreign language, in bilingual households to support early Literacy and pronunciation, as well as in early years settings or the first years of primary school, Reception, KS1/ preschool, class 1-2 in UK & Ireland, K-first & second grade in the USA/Canada, and in other countries. Given that the resources are presented wholly in Spanish and are easy to understand by adults with little Spanish or no Spanish, they can be used in any country.

Spanish for Babies and Toddlers is the brainchild of José Domínguez a dad raising 4 bilingual children.

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